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Pray-ers November 2017

Dear Pray-ers:

  • Chaplain Fine's stay in Canada has come and gone. To all who had a chance to meet her, offer her hospitality or involve her in some activity, thank you! She learned how to ride escalators and elevators, use the underground metro, take the train, stay away from high-priced stores. She was astounded at the amount of food we consume and the ever-present glasses of water at the table. She feels that the prisons she visited offered living conditions far better than what she and her friends have at home.She gleaned some new ideas from our programs, wondered at the number of cars around and the number of kilometres we drive every day and the lack of people along the way. She was astounded at how many of us live alone, how beautiful our country is and how welcoming Canadians are. She missed the mountains and the Rwanda Team and her daily work, despite its enormous challenges. What an adventure!


Pray-ers August 2017

Dear Pray-ers:

  • Pierre and I are in Canada for the summer and enjoying our little old house in Gatineau. Our hearts, however, are very much still in the Great Lakes region of Africa, as the challenges there abound!
  • The Rwanda team has been doing a fabulous job working with the elderly and sick 'génocidaires' in the Rubavu Prison. We have had great joy meeting with small groups of about 35 of them at a time. We sing, share and pray together. Then we do our exercises - which is hilarious, always wondering which of us will topple over first. Chaplains Fine, Nelson and Kizungu have handed out several hundred pieces of warm clothing to the very frail who are cold at night. Many have only this contact with the outside world. As they are slowly released back into their communities after many years, the chaplaincy team has occasionally been able to pave the way for their re-integration, meeting with family and others, facilitating reconciliation opportunities and arranging for and accompanying them on the ride home. This is an emotional, intensive and expensive undertaking. We are thankful to be a small part of it.


Pray-ers May 2017

Dear Pray-ers:

  • Hoping to get this off to you while we are still connected to the internet. Has been an iffy affair the last while.
  • This is the big week when we receive the class of graduating WoW girls for a two-day deal here in Rwanda. (You know, sleeping 20 on mattresses on the floor at the Petit Sanctuaire Gisenyi, swimming for the first time in Lake Kivu wearing the pants we make for the prisoners, getting a pedicure and facial, eating out at the Auberge, the local buffet diner, and of course, the Certificate ceremony and gift basket. WoW! Pray for ease at the boarder crossing. Also that the water would come back on at the Petit Sanctuaire (has been off for couple months now). Not to mention that the plumbing would hold up. Plumber is here as I write.


April 25, 2017: Radio VM - Faire justice autrement

If you understand French, you might enjoy the interview that Pierre gave to Radio VM -Faire justice autrement.

Pray-ers April 2017

Dear Pray-ers:

  • The annual Genocide Commemoration in Rwanda begins today, April 7. It is a time of great emotion and introspection. Much has been accomplished in terms of reconciliation and reconstruction. Much will always remain as painful reminders of an unspeakable time. Pray for our team as they continue to face these challenges head on, fearlessly and with enormous compassion and hope.
  • Simeon and the Goma team have successfully moved into our new rental house. Thanks to the Heaven's Family partnership and special donations from YOU, we have solar electricity, reservoirs to collect rain water, a new program configuration, and a stream-lined team. This has taken a lot of time and energy, but they are ready! Please pray that they will be given wisdom, protection and optimism despite the harsh and unstable conditions.


Pray-ers February 2017

Dear Pray-ers:

  • Yesterday Chaplain Fine and Eileen spent the day at the women's prison here in Rwanda. They were able to deliver 10 care packages to the pregnant and new mothers. The packages were received with tears of joy. Then they had an exercise session with the very old men and women who have been there since '94. Several kept toppling over in gales of laughter as they tried their best to follow the leader. Followed up with some good listening time with a group who have not had a visitor in 15, 20 years or more. A great time.
  • We felt privileged today to spend February 14 in the men's prison also here in Rwanda. We are thankful for the groundwork set by our 'Rwanda 3' chaplains which allows us to be welcomed with open arms and to have easy access to the fellows. First we had a good time with the 400 offenders who have met with their genocide victim survivors. They tell us their heads are full with nowhere to put their thoughts and so they are very grateful for these moments of sharing. Many of them have begun to sleep through the night without nightmares. Many of the victims have been unbelievably generous in helping the offenders with bits of food, or school fees for their children. All miracles of grace.


Africa 2016

As I sat on the plane, coming back from Africa recently, I could only marvel at the fact that through your generous support, Just.Equipping has now been involved in the Great Lakes Region of Africa for ten years.

Let me review briefly what you have made possible over these ten years.


Rev. Dr. Pierre Allard in Rwanda

Just.Equipping is a Canadian Registered Charity (#889184891RR0001) committed to educating, training and equipping in the area of restorative justice. Since 2006, a number of training missions have taken place in Africa: Rwanda, Burundi, RD Congo and Cameroon. Just.Equipping can play a crucial role in the reintegration of offenders, the rebuilding of communities, the comfort of victims and the future of corrections and chaplaincy in these countries. Our unique partnership with Queen’s University lends credibility to the academic component and allows us to issue an international diploma in Restorative Justice.

Visit our website where you can read our Africa reports for 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. You also have access to a number of videos to help you understand our work better.

Nelson Mandela has said: ‘Education is the most powerful weapon that we can use to change the world.’ Just.Equipping is committed to play its part in shaping a better world! But, we cannot do it without your help.

If you believe in what we are doing and want to help us financially, click on ‘Donations’ and follow the instructions.

Thank you for making our work possible, for praying for us and carrying in small and big ways the burdens that we bear!

Pierre Allard, President

Just.Equipping fulfills its mission by:

  • a) Sending teaching teams of 4-5 people to developing countries for intensive training sessions;
  • b) Bringing to Canada a small number of key leaders to benefit from the annual Restorative Justice sessions at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada;
  • c) Maintaining an office in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada.

One of the important features of Just.Equipping is its unique partnership with Queen’s Theological College, Queen’s University. Because of this partnership, an International Diploma in Restorative Justice can be granted.